When mummy gets sick – Five reasons why mummies can’t do poorly


Last night we decided to go out for dinner, a total diet blow out for which I was excited about since waking up in the morning. Nothing fancy, just burger and chips and a load of fizzy pop! Half way through the meal I started to feel a bit iffy. After three weeks of eating reasonably healthy I started to gloat to Mr H that my body was now obviously so finely tuned from all the fruit and veg and low fat meals that it was rejecting the masses of greasy, fatty food I was consuming. So I continued to polish off the rest of my burger despite feeling sick as a dog but thought better of tackling the mountain of chips I still had on my plate.

Fast forward a couple of  hours and my finely tuned body was having a few “issues”. Head down the toilet feeling particularly sorry for myself I realise that actually I probably have a bug or something and my body the temple in fact was responding just as everyone else’s body does to fight off a virus. Mr H was already far away in dreamland as Millie started to stir then erupt into a full blown screaming cry (she has the start of a cold brewing). Ok now what? As I sat on the bathroom floor, head perched by the toilet. No hope of the husband waking, he sleeps through everything, so I made a mad dash to Millie’s room picked her up, crying stopped, then brought her to sit with me in the bathroom (it’s 2am!!). Poor baby just sat watching on in amazement as I continue to be unwell.

This got me thinking, us mums really don’t have time in our lives to get ill. A friend of mine told me of the time when her baby was only weeks old she had a particularly nasty tummy bug and she was sat all night on the toilet with a bucket in one hand and a breastfeeding baby in the other. Not ideal!

So here you go, my list of five reasons why mummies just can’t afford to get ill. By no means a man bashing post either, men and women are just wired differently, take man flu for example!

1. You can’t phone in sick to your job as mummy – life still has to go on, your kids still need you, no matter how good a job daddy is doing. Mr H suggested I lie in bed and get some rest for a bit this morning until I feel better. Actually how likely am going to feel better before I’m needed to prepare a meal or put the washer on or give in to Milie continually shouting “ma ma ma” (I know she’s not calling for me but makes me feel a bit better thinking she is!)

2. You are needed to find stuff – despite both me and the husband living in the same house for the same length of time I appear to be the only person who knows where the calpol or spare cartons of oat milk or new packets of baby wipes are kept. Or suddenly Nic appears to have lost every single pair of trousers he owns, err have you checked your wardrobe?!! So that time of getting some rest is generally interrupted approximately every three and a half minutes with a “where is the….” question!

3. Mums have a strict schedule to keep to – as I lay in bed getting my half hour of rest I begin to seriously freak out that if I don’t  get the washing on soon I’d fall so far behind. I’d have no hope of ever getting close to the bottom of the laundry basket for the rest of eternity! Then my mind moves on to the batch cooking of baby lead weaning meals I’d planned to sort out today and the  kitchen floor really needs cleaning before Millie gets down to play. Cue time to get up and get on with it, no hope of resting with all that on my mind.

4. Will the kids ever get fed? – I love my husband very much and he has abundant strengths as a daddy but timekeeping for feeding are not in his repertoire of strong points. It’s almost 10am and from my tomb of gloom (bed) I still haven’t heard Nicholas clattering his breakfast bowl or the kettle being boiled for Millie’s first bottle. I know the baby has had her breakfast as Mr H felt it was hugely important to wake me up and tell me so. Proud daddy moment of remembering to feed her perhaps…

5. There’s no one to take care of us so what’s the point? – when the kids get sick it’s mummy who takes care of them, when daddy gets sick mummy also looks after him too. When mummy gets sick, you guessed it, mummy again looks after herself.  Men can’t multitask, it’s as simple as that, it’s a scientifically proven fact so no point even trying to influence evolution. As Mr H is holding the fort and trying to maintain some level of normality downstairs I’m lying here in bed getting my “rest” and really need a drink. I know if I go down and get one and the family see me there will be no escape so I will just lie here with a mouth as dry as the Sahara, hoping that extra half hour of sleep will come very soon. I actually think my husband has forgotten I’m even upstairs!!

And there you have it, why us mums just can’t fit being poorly into our lives. Bored of this trying to rest lark I might as well get up and get on with it….

One thought on “When mummy gets sick – Five reasons why mummies can’t do poorly

  1. madelinelittlejohns says:

    I’ve had several mornings this year where I’ve really wished I could call in sick! But it’s just not an option is it. I’ve been so grateful for the weekends though, when I’ve been able to go back to bed for the afternoon and let my husband take care of everything. x #TheList

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