Five things I miss about being pregnant

Those who knew me while I was pregnant probably will wonder how I can even think of one thing I’d miss about being pregnant never mind five!! I didn’t really enjoy being pregnant and I’m not too proud to admit it! I suffered from morning sickness (all day long) until about 18 weeks then a few weeks after that stopped I started to swell, and didn’t actual stop swelling until the day I gave birth. My feet were so swollen I split a pair of ugg boots two sizes bigger than my usual size, even my nose and lips swelled. I was so uncomfortable! At 31 weeks I had raised blood pressure which would eventually lead to pre-eclampsia and almost daily hospital visits in the last few weeks. I know compared to some people I had it pretty easy but going from a fairly active person who couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes I found the last two months of pregnancy a real struggle.

However on my commute into London to work this morning (a one of keep in touch day to ease me back into it all) it got me thinking how I last did this when I was 8 months pregnant and how different it was then. There are quite a few things I do in fact miss about being pregnant (not enough to do it again though…)

1. A seat on the train – pretty close to the top of my to do list when I found out I was pregnant was to apply for a London Underground Baby on Board badge. I’d watched pregnant women on the tube in the past and no one had given them a seat so I was determined to let the world know I had a right to the priority seat I was sitting in! Now, standing for the full hour long commute really is a bind, I long for my dirty, scratchy, uncomfortable pull down seat again!!


2. Eating what I want – to be fair I quite often do this now anyway, I haven’t exactly made much effort to lose the baby weight yet (I better add that to the to do list really) but it was oh so different when I was pregnant. I could have that second chocolate bar without anyone batting an eyelid, I didn’t feel like a total food monster having a fourth plate of food at the Pizza Hut buffet and no one cared when I made my third breakfast of the morning. I could eat what I wanted without any of the guilt.

3. Comfy clothes – maternity clothes are quite possibly the most comfortable clothes you ever wil wear. No waist bands digging into your muffin top, knickers that don’t give you a wedgey every time you bend down, bras without underwires. Need I say more?

4. The excitement – there’s nothing quite like the anticipation and excitement you have for those nine months waiting to meet that tiny little person inside your tummy. Me and Mr H would, at least once a day, have a conversation about what we thought she would look like, would she have hair? What complexion would she have? Would she have Mummy’s big round face? (Sorry Millie darling, you did in fact inherit it!). We just couldn’t wait to meet her. Nine months of waiting and planning seemed a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still exciting now watching her develop but not in the same sort of “anticipating the unknown” kind of way.

5. Those baby kicks – despite being a bit (lot) miserable in the last few months of pregnancy feeling my baby kicking inside of my tummy was the most incredible feeling ever. Millie regularly got hiccups and feeling her jump around inside all day long was really quite amazing. It is a constant daily reminder of the miracle that is growing inside of you and I don’t think there’s any feeling in the world that can beat it!

Looking back there really were some truly amazing moments being pregnant and I know how lucky I am to have been able to experience it all. I cherish every single day I have with my little girl and I know this time next year I’ll be looking back and writing a list of things I miss about having a tiny baby.

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