I hate pancake day!

Call me miserable but I really hate pancake day (almost as much as Valentine’s Day). It just feels like one of those overly commercial pointless celebrations that no one actually really knows why we do it. Traditionally it was something of a last feast before the start of lent but now it seems to be just another day for kids to get over enthused while mummy and daddy get irritated at sticky batter ruining their best frying pans.

Today I’ve had the grand total of zero pancakes, here’s why I really don’t see the need:

1 I don’t like them – am I possibly the only person in the world that doesn’t enjoy eating flat under baked Yorkshire puddings smothered in sugar??…

2. It’s another excuse for the kids to over eat junk food and get super hyper from all that sugar just before bed – fried batter with chocolate, ice cream, toffee sauce…. and they must have seven rounds so they can brag tomorrow at school about how much they ate, then go to bed on a sugar buzz feeling totally sick. Is there really a point to this??

3. The damn things always, ALWAYS stick to the pan!! – I guess I’m doing something wrong because the pancakes on the jif lemon ad never look like a pile of scrambled egg!

4. The kids love to “help” cook – the resulting mess is just something else and really not what I need on top of the usual post bedtime clean up.

5. The start of lent – which probably means  I should be giving up chocolate or wine or crisps or something that will do nothing but depress me for the next 40 days!!

Sod that, cheers everyone…


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