Surprisingly dairy and soya free!

When Millie was diagnosed with a dairy and soya protein allergy I was still breastfeeding. Determined to continue, I cut dairy and soya completely from my diet. It wasn’t until I started reading every ingredient label on every last thing I bought that I realised just how many day to day products have either dairy or soya in them. Who would’ve thought gravy granules were a no go or sliced white bread??!!

There were however a few surprises out there that I was convinced couldn’t possibly be dairy and soya free but were in fact “safe foods”. So here is my list of unexpected dairy and soya free every day products that you can pick up in most supermarkets without having to go anywhere near the free from aisle:

1. Oreos – this is by far the most surprising of all. I really missed milk chocolate and when I was really craving a bar of dairy milk I would have a couple of Oreos to get my chocolate fix.

2. Puff pastry – jus-rol and tesco own brand are both soya and dairy free and there is so much you can make with it. Millie loves both sweet and savoury pinwheels and mini vegetable pasties.

3. Crumpets – when I found out I could no longer have white bread I thought everything pastry/bread-like would also be a no go but most brands of crumpets are safe just remember to use a free from spread not butter!

4. Tesco value celebration cake – it was my birthday in July and the thought of not being able to have a slice of cake made me a little sad but a quick scour of the cake aisle in tesco and I discovered their basic celebration cake was both dairy and soya free and great for any celebration not just birthdays.


5. Mayonnaise – I automatically thought Mayo would contain some form of dairy so started buying one from the free from aisle rather than Helmans but on closer inspection Helmans Real Mayonaise is in fact fine to have. Unfortunately the low fat versions are made with cream so aren’t  dairy free which is slightly annoying.

6. Drinking chocolate – most hot chocolates such as options, cadburys and galaxy are all made with milk but if you buy every day drinking chocolate and make it with your choice of alternative milk instead of water it is just as nice!

7. Bagels – just like crumpets most bagel varieties are dairy and soya free and a great alternative to bread for a sandwich.

8. Basic digestive biscuits – it seems that the cheaper brands of digestive biscuits are safe but unfortunately not McVities which is a shame as they are my favourite!

All of the above were free from soya and dairy at the time of writing but please check before buying just in case the recipes have changed which does seem to happen sometimes.

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