Milestone cards for Mummy

image.jpegWe’ve all seen them, most of us probably have a set and gloriously post pictures of each and every milestone all over Facebook but what if those milestone cards were also available for mummies??

Over the past ten months since Millie was born I’ve had various milestones… First birthday with my baby girl, first time Millie and mummy went shopping together, first hot coffee drank without any baby interruptions etc etc so here are my top five “if milestone cards were for mummies…”:

1. First day daddy doesn’t irritate mummy moaning how tired he is – this one really had to be top of the list. I think I can count on one hand the number of times Mr H has seen a day go by without complaining he’s tired. Really?? How can you be tired when you managed to sleep (and snore) your way through every night feed, remain in bed an extra hour after me and fit in an afternoon “power nap”! No darling, you aren’t tired!!

2.  First pee without feeling like you’ll split in half – this one primarily refers to the agony of trying to sit on the toilet after a c section and get back up without feeling like your intestines may fall out from under your scar at any given moment! But I’m guessing this could also be applicable after a natural birth too??

3. First day I haven’t been shat on – no further explanation needed really! It does remind me however of an occasions a few months ago when I walked round the supermarket doing the full weekly shop only to glance down at the checkout to see the arm of my jumper was totally caked in bright green baby poo and I hadn’t even noticed!!

4. First time wearing non-maternity clothes  – this one would still be sitting in the packet for me ten months down the line. I just can’t give up those comfy non-wired bras…. (See previous post on things I miss about being pregnant )

5. Today I shaved my legs – also applicable to all other forms of hair removal. Seriously who has time for that?! Im lucky to even have time to get washed in the shower these days never mind beautify myself. Long gone are the days of fake tan and weekly hair treatments, if the shampoo and conditioner don’t come in a two in one variety they won’t be making it anywhere near my shopping trolley!

This list really could go on and on, there’s nothing quite like a mummy’s initiation! I’d also love to hear any of your mummy milestones too….

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