Ikea Wishlist

Before we moved “out to the country” we lived about 10 minutes from IKEA so I always used to nip in for this, that and the other but now we are about 35 minutes drive away I very rarely get to go. So tomorrow I’ve decided to make a special effort to pop down there and pick up some bits I’ve been wanting for ages, mostly baby things but I’ve also seen a few accessories I’d really like to “Pinterest worthy” my house (as per the Maternity to do list ).

Here are a few of the things I have my eye on and think are really great for baby and mummy:

1. Cover-all bibs – I have a bit of an obsession with bibs, mostly because in the early days of weaning Millie was a seriously messy eater and used to stain so many of her clothes. We have tried various sleeved bibs from all over the place but these IKEA ones are by far the best. They don’t ride up or come undone and also manage to catch a good amount of spilages and at just a fiver each they are a bargain.



2. Toy saucepans – recommended by a friend as a good way of including the little ones when you’re cooking plus they make a huge amount of noise when bashed together so double the fun! They are a really good price of £6



3. Hammer and peg set – I really do love IKEA for lovely little, reasonably priced wooden toys. There are loads to choose from in store but I thought this peg set was age appropriate and such a bargain at only £8. Millie really loves banging things and this set looks really sturdy and durable.


4. Corner guards – I have a real phobia of Millie falling and bumping her head on one of the corners of our furniture so have been looking out for some plain white corner protectors. They are all really ugly and spoil the look of the furniture but as I know I need something I thought these hand ones were quite quirky. Just £3 for a pack of 8


And now for a few little treats for Mummy too:

1. Cream metal tray – I’ve been looking for a lovely centrepiece for our kitchen table and wanted something that is both beautiful but also easy to take on and off the table at meal times. I found inspiration on another Blog post , showing really pretty vignettes (basically a tray with a load of stuff on as Mr H would say!). I thought this metal tray would be a perfect starting point and only £7, now I just need some pretty bits to add to it


2. Mirror – I really love this mirror! No idea why as it matches nothing else in our house but I do rather like it. Probably won’t buy this one as its £60 and I have nowhere to put it but it’s definitely on my wish list



AND… Last but not least….

3. Meatballs – just because I’m at ikea and that’s what you do, right??

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