Mummy’s First Mothers Day – What I really want!

Everyone everywhere seems to be talking about Mothers Day, so not wanting to feel left out I thought I better jump on the bandwagon and do a very quick Mothers Day wish list on the off chance Mr H happens to be reading this.

As a step-mum I haven’t had a Mothers Day as Nicholas always spends it with his own mum so this year will be my first.  I know friends who have been promised all sorts of wonderful gifts for their first Mothers Day, Rolex watch, spa breaks, mulberry bags… you name it!  There are however many things Id really really like ahead of all these and here is my list:

1. A full night of unbroken sleep!!

2. A coffee brought up to me in bed and the chance to drink it while it’s hot – ideally not before 7am too!

3. A handmade card or picture – Millie had her first attempt with a pen this morning and made daddy a picture… and decorated the sofa in black ink to make it look pretty too.

4. A shower that lasts longer than a minute and gives me the chance to use my lovely Molton Brown set I got for Christmas, followed by five further minutes so I can use the matching body lotion.

5. A day without changing a single nappy – Millie is now impossible to keep still when doing nappy changes and I truly dread them!

6. A clean car – inside and out, all the rubbish taken out of the side pockets that I never seem to get a chance to do, the emergency nail varnish supply bringing back indoors as it never gets used these days and the mud from football boots cleaning out of the boot.

7. A day without any sport on TV – got more chance of a mulberry bag than this one happening.

8. A massive box of calorie free chocolates – Make it happen Mr H, make it happen!



And last but not least….

9. Diamonds – Any shape, any size!!

I don’t think I’m asking too much…